Baby Blanket and Stuffed Dinosaur with Birth Stats.

Finished this blanket to match this cute little dino with baby stats.

I’d like to remind myself, which means you get to read this 😂, of my why. I’m certain you’ve all heard of having a why. Why do you get up each morning and do what you do? Why do you fight through all the bad? Why do you take photos?

My why is my family as I’m pretty sure it’s the same for most of you as well. When you buy from us, you get us one on one. I love learning why you’re buying from me. Is it a new grandbaby? Celebrating your child’s birthday? Or do you have a sweet little heart warrior celebrating their heartiversary?

When you purchase from us, you help us provide a home for our family, provide reliable transportation while we are headed to our day jobs or running errands, or help pay for one of the kids to take a dance class, or pay for school lunch. What I mean is that your money goes here, to us as a family. We know you have options to pick from and know that we aren’t the only company that can do what we do, so when you do pick us, we do a little dance, we raise our 👊 into the air with pride.

We do make mistakes. We are human. We work very hard to minimize those but they do happen. Just know that we will ALWAYS 💯% make it right and will communicate with you.

We are so glad you found us and continue to support us by continuing to buy from us and referring your friends here as well.

We can’t do this without you. ❤️❤️❤️ Can we make something for you?