Because we are a small home-based business, you may have a few questions about our abilities and processes. That’s why we’ve put together some answers to a few commonly asked questions.

Excellent question! The answer is easy, no. We actually have full-time day jobs. It’s in the evenings when we’re all finished with our day jobs, that we get to work on filling our 1 Sister 2 Sister orders. 

Because most items are made to order, and often require that some elements be ordered in, our standard time to produce a product is two (2) weeks. Meaning, items are typically made and ship out from our facility within two weeks of being ordered. Occasionally, an item may take a little longer if it is more complex to produce, but we are often able to ship sooner than the two seek standard.

USPS delivery times vary depending of how far the items will be transported once shipped. 

We are happy to embroider on your items if it is something we can stitch on and fit into our machines. It’s fairly common to have items sent to us or dropped off for custom embroidery. 

We use a printing method called dye sublimation, which requires a specific fabric or coated surfaces to image on. If a garment is 100% polyester or a blended material with a high polyester count (70% or higher), and is white or a very light color value, we can usually image on it. All other printed items (mugs, ornaments, cutting boards, etc.) are specifically made for the dye sublimation process.

Feel free to contact us with your custom inquiries.

While no online transaction anywhere can be guaranteed risk free, we do take data safety seriously and make efforts to keep your information secure. This website utilizes an SSL certificate to keep your credit/debit transactions safe, along with anti-spam and brute force attack protection. Additionally, all transactions are processed through Intuit or PayPal who also run their own processing security measures. As an extra step to keeping your data protected, we do not allow your credit information to be stored on our site. This means you will need to enter it each time you shop with us. While this extra step may add a small shopping inconvenience, we feel the benefits outweigh the risks of storing your card data.

Because most of our products are made-to-order, your item will be entered into a production queue to be produced upon order receipt. If we have any questions, we will reach out seeking clarification. It typically takes between one and two weeks to produce an order once it has been received, so please be patient. When production is complete, the item is immediately packaged for shipping, placed in the mail, and package tracking information is sent to your email.

If the item is a non-custom, in-stock item, we process it for shipping and the item is mailed out usually within one to two days, at which time you will receive tracking information.

We use USPS to ship products. Shipping costs vary depending on the total size of the items in your order, but these costs are shown in your cart prior to checkout. Local pick-up is also an option at no cost if you live in, or around, zip code 84414 in Utah. We do not offer local delivery.

No. Payment for all online orders is processed at the time of checkout

For Tax Exempt customers, please contact us. We can convert you to a Tax Exempt account once we receive your exemption information.