The First Winter Storm Approaches

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As we brace for our first snowfall of the winter set to occur over the next few days, I am reminded of the beauty of this time of year. It’s not to say there’s no downside. I will lament about that soon enough. But, if you’ve ever seen a group of freshly frosted trees the morning after a snow storm, or looked into the night sky and watched snowflakes the size of leaves falling slowly down to land on your cheek, then you know what I mean when I say, winter is breathtaking in our part of the world.

Having said that, anyone who knows me understands I do not like winter! I do not like it, Sam I am! It’s cold, and dark, and wet, and a nightmare to drive in. But, what is yin without yang? If we didn’t have the miserable part of winter, would we genuinely appreciate the beauty that comes with it? My gut reaction to this question is, yes. Yes, we would enjoy the charm without the suffering. Why can’t I gaze upon the grace of a snow covered meadow without the bite of glacial temperatures and still appreciate it’s splendor? Why, I ask!

Maybe, just maybe, I would appreciate it even more.

Okay, I realize I couldn’t honestly appreciate the whole experience if I don’t get the whole experience. Because, after the cold and misery follows the warm and cozy. I mean, who doesn’t like feeling the warmth of a crackling fire after coming in from the cold? Who wouldn’t enjoy strolling around the house in warm fuzzy winter socks? Who wouldn’t love to lounge on the sofa in their PJs, wrapped in a cozy Minky Blanket, reading a good book on a lazy winter day? It’s hard for me to imagine doing any of these things on a toasty summer afternoon (to be honest, I can’t imaging me strolling anywhere in fuzzy socks, and my good book would probably be something on quantum physics, but I digress).
So, winter, do what you’re going to do. Bring it on if you must. But, perhaps you could keep to a minimum. You know, just enough to enjoy the comfy part without the white-knuckle death grip duress of driving through your perilous sleet. Thanks, ya Buttmunch.


What are your most and least favorite things about winter?
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If you have an interest in strolling around in fuzzy socks and/or curling up with a Minky blanket, we have several of each to choose from.

One thought on “The First Winter Storm Approaches

  1. Darren says:

    Just a quick update: It was a white-knuckle death grip ride this morning. After sliding down the mountain road and into a few dangerous positions, we ended up purposefully pulling off the road amid a cluster of vehicles that slid off, and a few that came sliding nearby. Danya and I then hiked back up the mountain to our home. Living on a mountain has its ups for sure, but driving in the snow is not one of them.

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