We cherish the opportunity to serve you, our customer, and to share the fun and rewarding experiences of running a family business with our children.


Made With Love From Our Family To Yours

1 Sister 2 Sister is a small family business reminenscent of shops from a bygone era; a time when mom and pop stores were the norm. We learn names and stories, we remember birthdays and tend to each customer as if they lived next door. Also, we make most of our items in some form or another. That means, when you purchase from 1 Sister 2 Sister, chances are high you’ll be getting something we produced just for you.

Because we are small, we don’t have a warehouse full of finished products waiting to be shipped. We often order in the items needed to complete your order. Yes, it’s not as fast as other modern online retailers, but we strive to ensure the product, the personal touch, and care you receive is worth the wait.

Of course, we don’t produce everything we sell. We also offer a selection of items from other manufacturers. By doing so, we’re able to round out our offering and provide more thoughtful gift choices for you and your family.

Ultimately, when you support 1 Sister 2 Sister, you are supporting a family, a neighbor, and a friend. As your neighbor, be it locally or online, we appreciate you from the bottom of our hearts.

Thank you from 1 Sister 2 Sister.


CEO / Founder

Wife, mother, daughter, sister, grandmother, owner, embroiderer, vinyl cutter, dye sub presser, marketer, accountant, hard worker.


CMO / Co-founder

Husband, father, son, brother, grandfather, designer, marketer, dye & vinyl presser, IT guru, webmaster, videographer, editor.


1 Sister

Daughter, sister, aunt, niece, grand daughter, baby sitter, student, dancer, pianist, dog walker, helper.


2 Sister

Daughter, sister, aunt, niece, grand daughter, student, entertainer, dog player, life saver.

1 Brother

Son, brother, uncle, nephew, hard worker, picker, mechanic, mature, musician, helper.

Chief Customer Inspector

Husky, sister, runner, intelligent, social, gentle, shedder, playful, talker.

Head of Security

Pomeranian, sister, furry, yappy, smart, watch dog.

Snuggle Manager

Toy Poodle / Coton de Tulear mix, sister, puppy, chewer, playful, cute, spastic, lucky to be adorable.

We strive to set positive examples by exhibiting a strong work ethic and friendly customer service, in the hopes that your experience with us is excellent and our family learns valuable lessons that will benefit us for the rest of our lives.

Thank you for sharing in our adventure.