Happy Birthday, Theresa!

1sister2sister family hike for Theresa's birthday!
Today is Theresa’s birthday, and we celebrated, in part, with a mountain hike. We’re also offering 20% Off sitewide for today only (when you use the promo code: Happy42)! 
Now that we’re getting older, we’re taking a more conscious approach to our family’s overall health. Our hike today is the first in what will be at least a once per week event. What better day is there to start than a birthday? 
We are fortunate enough to live in a place that has many outdoor recreation areas, and summertime is the ideal season to take advantage of them. Today’s trail followed a creek into the mountains and was the perfect place to start our new adventure. 
We took Rosie, our Coton de Couture/Toy Poodle mix. We’re hoping these excursions will help her acclimate to longer walks and curb her barking at every human being she comes across.
1sister2sister family hike for Theresa's birthday!
Queen of the world!
Theresa does positive affirmations with Danya daily. They performed them together in the forest today, surrounded by nature. The conviction behind every word felt elevated. It’s amazing what spending a little time out in nature will do for the spirit.
Happy birthday, Theresa! Here’s to the next 42!
1sister2sister family hike for Theresa's birthday!

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