Haunted Halloween Treasure!

1 Sister 2 Sister Haunted Halloween Treasure!

Welcome to the Haunted Pumpkin Patch. 

1 Sister 2 Sister has hidden ten treasures along Utah's Wasatch Front! Here in the pumpkin patch, ten hints will be given on where to find clues to these treasures. You must first get the hint here, then find the clue, and then seek out the treasure! Hints will be added periodically throughout the month of October 2018 and announced on our Facebook Page:  http://facebook.com/1sister2sister. Be sure to like our page so you don't miss an announcement.

There are six small treasures, three medium treasures, and one grand prize treasure to be found!

Let's begin if you dare!


  1. You will find a clue to the first treasure hiding among the Shirts and Onesies.
  2. This will be where the second clue goes.